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Ordered 2 special nan breads which came in the same bag, they were stuck together and in order to separate one of them ripped open entirely, also one of the nans had zero cheese and the other a minimal amount, the vegetable samosa's were good but we got only 2 as opposed to usually getting twice that many, very odd drop in standards from really consistent quality with Swadesh.

Greg, 12 Sep 2020

Food always cooked to perfection

D, 07 Aug 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Can you please sign up to the government eat in scheme

Kim , 04 Aug 2020

  Reply : Its only for seating in, we are not open yet to dine in madam


Angela, 26 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thank you so much

could we speed it up guys

Warren Sadler, 25 Jul 2020

  Reply : We are trying our best to keep up with it sir, at this covid 19 situation its hard to find extra staffs to work, please bare with us thank you

Sorry but disappointed tonight, once again poppadoms delivered in the same bag as the hot food so were soggy. My chicken biryani was lacking in flavour, and the sauce wasn't as thick as usual and no vegtables in the sauce.

Victoria, 24 Jul 2020

  Reply : Sorry about the disappointment madam, ring us next time and we will sort somthing out for you, and biryani sauce dont come with veg in it, we never put veg in our biryani sauce unless you ask for it

First off Excellent food again.after an issue with a delivery , I contacted swaddesh, the issue was solved extremely quickly, this was to our benefit and I am very grateful to swaddesh for this .

Mark, 27 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you mark our aim to please, see you soon

Really nice good quality food. I personally would like more fish dishes and have had some from here before lockdown. the selection is so good, I keep adding and taking away from my order, if it wasn't all so nice it would be easier to make up my mind!

Haydn, 27 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you so much haydn, we are working on new fish dishes soon as the lock down is over,


Greg, 10 Jun 2020


Greg, 10 Jun 2020


Greg, 10 Jun 2020


Greg, 10 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you


food tasted great as usual will continue to order here, however a problem im seeing is Grease / Oil buildup on-top of my Chicken Tikka Jamdhani and a couple of other curries , its very off putting to try eat when i see that pool of grease. thank you!

Greg, 10 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Great food, good quality

Ceri, 06 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you

27 mins early! Hella tasty too!!

Thomas, 05 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Friendly staff Great tasting food

Chanine, 24 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you madam

Beautiful food

Deborah, 23 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you

food tasted like soap . dont usually have a problem . i would like a refund if possible , £20 for the 2 meals

Terry, 13 May 2020

  Reply : I see you are our regular cuatomar, if there was problem with your meal you should rang the restaurant and told us the problem and we wouldv been more then happy to sort the problem out, we dont do refund, call us on the restaurant line and tell us where we went wrong and we will go from thank you

Just placed my order and noticed the 25% discount has not been applied, will this be amended?

Catherine, 13 May 2020

  Reply : Ring us on the restaurant line tomrow and will go from

always had a lovely meal, and good service. No complaints

Catherine, 13 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you so much see you soon

Loooooove the food from this place. You do great work guys and gals!

Anya, 10 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you so much our aim is to please

Stunning food, brilliant service

Gareth, 02 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you gareth

Very good service and the food is always tasty

Huw, 27 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thank you our aim to please

Fave place by far

Steff, 20 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thank you steff

First time user of the website, very simple and uncomplicated, Excellent.. Food spot on!!

Kelton Phinnemore, 20 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thank you

I ordered last week and the food was lovely. I did find even with the online discount the prices worked out the same as other takeaways locally which is fine. The chicken and chips is not as described it is more like chicken bites rather than actual chicken and chips and the portions for the chicken and chips and omelette and chips are like a children’s meals and not worth nearly £7. However I would go back again for my Korma as that was lovely and good value, service was as described online and the online service is brilliant, and always ready on time when I pick it up. Such a great way of doing it.

Rob, 18 Apr 2020

  Reply : We are always here to support our customars at this difficult time, we do apologise for the chicken and chips sir this is how we do our chicken and chips, and this is the first time someone complained but in the future we will make changes, and we will keep this on our book to address it and do it how our customers wants it, its not £7 after discount it comes to £5 sir Sorry once again